Post Training Services!!



1.     This is not a placement guaranteed course.


2.     We shall make a mock interview of each student after sufficient training and shall record the same and shall put the same in our website along with brief resume data


3.     We have two people exclusively meant to browse the jobs and shall recommend them to recruit our students as they have vertical skills far better than anyone else.


4.     The companies shall SMS/ Email job offers to the students directly through our website.


5.     We shall keep the resume in our site and shall promote the students candidature till such time, he gets a job though our / his own efforts.


6.     We shall promote our students in all the Product design/ Structural companies in all the major cities across India.


7.     We shall do all required to forward your resume to all the design firms across India.


8.     We are giving additional subject and practice to all our PG Diploma/ Master Program students and making them the best among others who have learnt similar software in the country. All the student need to have is core subject knowledge of their Engineering and good communications and soft skills. We are trying our best to give required interview/resume making / soft skills to our students along with giving them the facility of giving internet/ system to brush up the core engineering subjects using NPTEL & MIT OCW video lectures. Thereby we are trying our best to fix the weaknesses that the student has in his/her engineering; all these efforts..honestly to make you employable..!!