ECC, Hyderabad
Date: 9th May 2020

The Head of the department
Mechanical Engineering

            Sub: Special offers rolling out on 8th June 2020.

Dear Sir,

Greetings and warm wishes for the coming Academic year 2020-2021, which will be the most challenging for all of us. Many of you know are well aware of the fact that ECC was the first institute to commence training in vertical CAD software tools both in Mechanical Engineering. With over 26 years of experience in training over 1.2 lakh students, and with the feedback we receive from Heads of the Departments from various colleges across India, we re-design the course, once in two years, which many of you are aware of.

This year, keeping in view of the drop drastic drop of financial affordability (Post Covid19) among middle class and poor and the difficulty in conducting personal class room based training, we have completely re-designed our training fee structure and training methodology. We shall roll out the same on 8th June 2020, once it is completely refined.

Earlier, we used to offer one multi-user user-id and password for the college CAD Lab for listening to our online lectures. The students used to sit in the CAD Lab and use to login and learn the software. Now, this year Post Covid19, we are offering separate user-id’s and passwords to all your students. With this, apart from being able to login in the college CAD Lab, they are free to login on any system that they have or friends have, anytime during their 2nd, 3rd and Final years. With this, the students need not assemble at one place to learn our CADD courses and other skill development courses.

We assure you that we shall always thrive to give the best quality training within the fees, where every student in the class, including the most economically backward can also afford.

We are also planning to fund all eligible BC, SC/ ST students through Jeevandaan, an NGO Organization, for few of our training programs.

Thanking you for keeping trust in ECC since 26 years and please visit this page again on 8th June 2020. We shall give very good news for the college / students this year.

Anand K. Reddy, M.Tech
Structural Engineering with computer applications, CIT, Coimbatore
Managing Director