Who is eligible for being our Franchise?

This is well suited for existing CADD Institutes that have all the infrastructure and experience but are unable to get competent, consistent and trustworthy staff. Such institutes may use our e-learning videos and shall minimize the role of their staff. The students will majorly learn the subject content from our e-learning portal www.eccindia.org. The lessons are made so that every student can learn without any staff help. Here, the centre can have a staff who is not required to take any theory or lab classes but is good enough to clarify the doubts of the students. Here the staff need not be experienced and also need not have excellent communication skills, as there is no need for him/her to teach the students in the classroom.

What do we give to our Franchisee?

1) Name and Brand that Engineering college PAN India are well aware of since 1994.
2) Access to all our e-learning tutorials available in our online training portal www.eccindia.org.
3) Student workbooks (Lab guides).
4) Facebook Advertisement pan India for brand building.
5) Posters and marketing across 2000 Civil & Mech colleges Pan India.

Technical Know-How Fee :
Non-Refundable Deposit: Rs.25000/- onetime.
Rs.250- for every student to avail course completion certificate.
Rs.250/- per student to avail 1-year access to our courses online.
Minimum certification every month: 10

Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me on 9866131068.

Best wishes.