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Procedure for Availing Certificate:
  1. Register by giving your details such as Name, Email (which will be your user Id) & Password.
  2. Now you will be treated as a “Registered Student”.
  3. Login now as a “Registered Student” and see the list of certifications.
  4. Exam will be on basic questions on the software you choose.
  5. You may take the exam any number of times, till you are successful.
  6. Once you pick the course in which you are interested to avail certificate, it will show you the bill amount. You may add few more courses for certification or proceed to payment.
  7. Once you proceed to payment, you are requested to give your Name and other details as you want in your certification. Accept the terms and “Preview your details”.
  8. Students who have learnt a computer course at any institute and couldn’t avail certificate for any reason.
  9. Once you preview your details and approve the same, it would proceed to payment gateway.
  10. Make the payment of Rs.1000/- + Taxes [75% off now] Rs.250/- only per certification and you will receive the invoice details along with payment confirmation to your email. You will get “Payment successful” message and you will be automatically redirected to your personal dash board / home page.
  11. Your user-Id (Email) and password will be valid for a period of 3 months.
  12. Once you are successful in the exam, a download link with pdf copy of the certificate will be appeared. Download it and you may print the same in color on a 220GSM Paper.
  13. Any queries, please call us on + 91 98661 31068 OR +91 97033 31068

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